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About Washington Historical Society

The mission of the Washington Historical Society is to preserve Washington’s rich history and share it with current and future generations via education, activities, and community outreach. We are currently restoring our new office building at 128 Washington Square and hope that work will be finished so that we can open our archives to the public for research by the end of 2021. We are a tax-exempt organization that is sustained by our members and others who make donations of time and money. Most events are free and open to the public.

Activities of the WHS include sending volunteers to teach local history in our schools via the “Trunks & Treasures” program, partnering with the Washington Park District for Geo-cashing fun, honoring someone that has spent part of childhood growing up in Washington with our prestigious Roots Award, hosting a May Day event, and other community outreach and events that change slightly from year to year. We also encourage you to look for the “Lincoln walked footsteps” around Washington to see where Abraham Lincoln walked in Washington, Illinois.

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Please consider becoming a member today or make a donation to our organizations so we can continue to offer this historical education to the community. It’s because of generous donors that the WHS can thrive!

Board of Directors



Patricia Wagner

Vice President


Sue Freeberg


Jennifer Essig



Julie Smith

Education Committee Chair


Judy Gross

Chair of Displays Committee

John Stromberger

Chair of Archiving & Collections

Kit Zinser

At-Large Board Member


Melissa Heil

Executive Director