Hope Lives On

Sharing stories of survival and hope...

Following the devastating tornado that ripped through Washington on 11-17-13, the Washington Historical Society and the Washington District Library are combing efforts to bring the HOPE Lives On project, which seeks to help Washington residents tell their stories, share their digital media (video/photo), and to help future generations understand and know that the community always stood Washington Strong, even in the wake of an EF-4 tornado.

Members of the community are encouraged to share their experiences of 11-17-13 by writing out their story of devastation, survival, and hope, as well as share photos/video from that fateful day. The Washington District Library and Washington Historical Society will work to archive and copy the stories in an effort to preserve them for future generations.

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      I hereby grant the Washington Historical Society (WHS) and the Washington District Library (WDL), and all associated affiliates, permission to use my story, photographs, videos, and/or other digital media I provide, and its likeness, for use in the HOPE Lives On project, including preservation, web use, and possible future publication without payment or other considerations. I also grant the WHS and WDL permission to edit, alter, copy, or publish the shared content. Additionally, I waive the right to review or approve the final copy, written or digital, wherein my content may appear. I understand that by agreeing to this statement my content becomes the property of the WHS and WDL, and all associated affiliates, for use within the HOPE Lives On project and possible future uses, and will not be returned to me. In addition, I understand that I will not receive payment or royalties from the sharing of my content. By checking the box above, I signify that I have read and agreed to the terms of this release.

    Need Assistance?

    Do you need assistance writing out your story?  Having trouble getting it all in to words? A team of Washington (IL) based volunteers are eager to help you with the process and would gladly sit down with you to help  you write out your story. To request assistance, call the Washington District Library at 309-444-2241 or fill out the form below and a volunteer writer will be in contact with you. Have questions? Shoot us an email at hopelivesonproject@gmail.com