Dement-Zinser House

1.  Requests to rent the Dement-Zinser House should be submitted to the Washington Historical Society a minimum of two weeks
prior to the requested date of use.

2.  No alcohol and no smoking or drugs are allowed on the property.

3.  A Washington Historical Society member must be present during all meetings.  This member is responsible for opening and securing of the house at meeting end.

4.  The lessee cannot exceed 25 members present during the meeting at the Dement-Zinser House.

5.  Food service is limited to food brought by the lessee – no food preparation is permitted at the Dement-Zinser House.

  • Beverages and food must be provided by an outside source.
  • No red, purple or orange drinks are allowed.
  • Food and drink is limited to the first floor, but not the library.
  • Use of porch or yard is possible, by arrangement.
  • Clean up is the responsibility of the lessee.

6.  Children must be supervised at all times, both inside and outside the house.

7.  Damage that occurs is the responsibility of the rental organization.

8.  The lessee must sign the Dement-Zinser House Usage Agreement and provide the Washington Historical Society with a contact person’s name and telephone number.

9.  Suggested donation to the Washington Historical Society is $20.00 per hour for meetings with no food and beverage service; $25.00 per hour for groups that have food and/or beverage service.

Contact:  Washington Historical Society, 309-444-4793