Time Travels in Trunks

Time Travels in Trunks is a unique program put on by the Historical Society and the Washington District Library as an outreach to area children in the Washington School Districts. Complete the online form below or email trucks61571@gmail.com to reserve your trunk today.

During a visit to the classroom, a volunteer gives a 20-30 minute presentation on the contents of the trunk brought to the classroom. These trunks are available without charge to classrooms and home schools in Washington Township.

Each trunk contains items from different eras of history and are meant as an education aide to the children. After the visit to the classroom, the trunks are left with the class for one week, allowing students to explore the items in the trunk and learn in an interactive style. Please refrain from booking a trunk on a day preceding holidays. Submit your request as early as possible - this allows us to match a presenter with your request.

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Want to volunteer to become a presenter?

Contact Bonnie Nofsinger (309)645-3279

It only takes a small commitment each year and there are several topics to choose from. And you'll be making an impact on precious lives in their understanding and appreciation of history.