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We have many volunteer opportunities throughout the year, whether it be stuffing envelops for newsletter mailings, baking cookies for fundraisers, being a tour guide, working on library displays, or other responsibilities. The Washington Historical Society welcomes you to take part in any of the following volunteer opportunities:

  • Time Travels in Trunks, welcomes more volunteers.  These historical “trunks” are taken into township classrooms each school year. A half an hour presentation is given with each trunk.
  • Other educational programs such as guided history walks.
  • Activities/Events (the pet parade, Christmas Tour, etc)
  • Assisting with displays of artifacts

If you are interested in volunteering, please call Melissa Heil at 773-425-0499 for more information or submit the form below.

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  • The Washington Historical Society is a non-for profit organization. Become a member today and help the WHS in our efforts to preserve & display Washington memories. We will bring a variety of great events, activities and education programs to the community.

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